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With PM Tammam Salam currently heading the Cabinet; he formally expressed full support to the LPDC and its activities through his support and adoption of the 2013-2015 plan. The outputs of the action plan were stipulated as follows:


• Output 1: LPDC inter-ministerial committee strengthened to implement its mandate; and the “Technical” and “Camp Management & Security” committees established and running;


• Output 2: Capacity of LPDC to act as the focal point for national and international partners, on issues regarding Palestinian refugees in camps and surrounding communities strengthened, including the reconstruction of Nahr el-Bared camp;


Output 3: Provide Policy and substantive advice to line ministries on Palestinian Refugees' civil rights.


This project directly responds to the latest LPDC’s overarching Strategic Plan (2015-2020) developed during the last quarter of 2014. It draws on the lessons learned from previous UNDP projects experiences. The strategy basically aims to strengthen the Lebanese government’s capacity towards improving the living conditions of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon through the development and implementation of a comprehensive and consistent policy.


LPDC has identified five strategic outcomes that it will work to accomplish over the strategic period with the assistance of international, national and local partners. The five Strategic Outcomes are considered interdependent and mutually reinforcing. As well as collectively contributing to the broader goal of addressing the living condition of Palestinian refugees, they also contribute to common results at the outcome level. A failure to generate one outcome will likely have a knock-on effect to other outcomes. Mainly, these outcomes are based on five intervention areas:


1. Governance;

2 .Strategic Planning;

3. Capacity building;

4.Coordination and Networking;

5. Dialogue and consensus building.

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