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August   16,   2018
Abdel-Naser al-Ayi,said UNRWA had made the right decision in opening the schools on time and called on the U.S. to rethink its position and for other donors to do more.
January   07,   2018
UNRWA’s figure of Palestinian refugees registered in Lebanon has widely been cited by local and international media given the lack of credible competing information.
December   26,   2017
"If someone registered with UNRWA in Lebanon decided to live outside Lebanon, they don't notify us," she said.
December   26,   2017
The census found that 174,422 refugees lived in Lebanon’s 12 camps and “gatherings” – significantly fewer than the long-standing and widely used estimate of 450,000.
March   16,   2017
This report examines, based on key instruments of international law, whether Israel has established an apartheid regime that oppresses and dominates the Palestinian people as a whole
February   06,   2017
Une conférence tenue au Grand Sérail a officiellement marqué le début d'un projet ambitieux : le recensement de la population palestinienne sur le territoire national.
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