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February   19,   2021
The unlamented 2020 year has elapsed and hopefully the current year will be different
February   19,   2021
There is a new American administration. Do you rely on any change in the former administration’s decision to substantially cut contributionsæ
February   19,   2021
The law of the jungle that governs Lebanon and covers up criminals killed Lokman Slim because he exposed it with written and audio-visual evidence.
February   19,   2021
In light of the above, we are still far from achieving peace in the region and finding a just solution to the Palestinian cause.
February   19,   2021
First, the sober approach adopted by the Lebanese Palestinian Dialogue Committee (LPDC) to this difficult question yields, through its publications, activities and conferences, an important corpus in terms of research, publications and a stepping stone to feasible policies.
February   20,   2021
Finally, all Palestinians, wherever they live, should strengthen a single identity, promote their one cause, and enhance their attachment to a unified land.
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