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Inter-Ministerial Committee

 This committee gathers a team of representatives of various Lebanese ministries and was formed based on the nomination by each minister of a representative of the concerned ministry, upon request of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. The mission of this committee is to provide recommendations regarding the mechanisms and measures that are implemented within the ministries targeting the Palestinian refugees, in order to devise a clear national policy with regard to the Palestinian presence in Lebanon.

The LPDC is currently chaired by former minister Dr. Hassan Mneymneh, as per decision no. 182/2014 issued by Prime Minister Salam on August 27, 2014. The ministerial committee is composed of the following members:


-          Judge Marie Denise El Meouchi, representative of the M

inistry of Justice;

-          Mrs. Faten Younes, representative of the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities;

-          Mr. Fadi Snan, representative of the Ministry of Public Health;

-          Col. Suheil Khouriyeh, representative of the Ministry of National Defense;

-          Mr. Naji Khalifeh, representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants;

-          Dr. Bachir Esmat, representative of the Ministry of Social Affairs;

-          Ms. Maryline Atallah, representative of the Ministry of Labor.

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